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Piggery Designs the Company




Being an environmentally friendly company is core to our company ethos. From reusable shredded cardboard to keep your gift safe while we post and biodegradable bags for you to carry our gift home.

PiggeryDesigns will continue to work in the best way of working.

That’s our promise to you.


What We Are


A new company based in  Cumbria, and Lancashire setup to provide unique handmade gifts  using  whenever possible sustainable materials for people to cherish and enjoy.  

The company has and will continue to donate our products to local charaties and schools in Cumbria.




  We take great care in selecting our suppliers. Always making the right choice over price. 

Our suppliers range from:

Merthyr Tydfil Institute for the Blind providing raw materials for a new range coming soon.

Dealing direct with Farrers  Kendal and Columbian coffee growers to repurpose discarded  coffee sacks for use on our displays

Local suppliers reducing the delivery miles of our handmade gifts